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How the investment program works SpectroInvest ?

Our experts have developed a unique software for cloud mining in order to expand the possibilities of earnings of each user on the Internet, and to scaling business capabilitiesSpectroInvest. The special in Choose the most promising cryptocurrency mining, and mining equipment is already configured to bring 24/7 income to our partners!

New opportunities for users: receive investment income to 2% per day, with daily accruals and without freezing funds.

New opportunities for the companySpectroInvest : Receiving working capital from users, we spend on renting new mining equipment, as well as improving our software.

Income and advantages. The percentage of income on our investment program is before2% per day.

Free management of your capital: in SpectroInvest We tried to make the conditions of investment as convenient as possible for all our partners, so you can see how your capital is growing every day. The withdrawal of funds is provided at your discretion at any time.

How to invest? In order to make a profit, you just need to replenish the balance in your personal account. Payment systems and bank cards are available to replenish the account. After replenishing the balance, you will see how your balance is growing every day and a schedule of predicted income is formed.

The minimum amount of replenishment of the account is limited only by the limit of the payment system. At the moment the maximum amount 5000 USD (the limit of the maximum amount will be increased in the near future).

You can also earn without investing - for this our affiliate program is provided, which was developed to increase the efficiency of our company - inviting the referral you will make a profit from its investments.

Start making money Enter in LC