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Contract offer

This Public Other Agreement regulating the investment process and investment liability insurance of individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Contract”) was drawn up, agreed and envied by the administration of the project“Spectroinvest”, (hereinafter the company), on the one hand, and an individual who has reached the age of 18 years (hereinafter the investor), called the side or side, if necessary, and who entered into force from the moment the investor is read and accepted.

In accordance with this contract, the parties agreed and established the following:

Contract Object:

Investor investment actions aimed at creating an appropriate deposit (investment) in Company using the company's website for this;

Contract paradigm:

The full provision of the company all the necessary and sufficient conditions under which the money Investor invested in the company (investment, deposit) will be protected by the company and insured by insurance The company’s partner under the unusual and indisputable condition for compliance with the investor of all points of this Contract;

Concluding this contract, the parties confirm the complete voluntariness of their own intentions regarding this contract;

Taking into account the paradigm of the contract, as well as the established object of the contract, as well as observing the content of the contract in full,

The parties signed the following contract:

1. Basic definitions

“Contract”: directly this contract, set forth and provided to the parties in the form of English and Russian texts that have the same force, as well as all possible additions and/or applications that can, but are not required, arise in the future in case of possible adjustments and/or revising the mutual obligations of the parties.

If the need for such circumstances arises, all the additions arose and/or applications The parties should be considered an integral part of this contract.

"Personal account": a virtually allocated area of ​​the company's site, personified directly for the investor and protected by password. Designed for investment, as well as for the performance of control and statistical actions regarding financial transactions of the investor, as well as for the purpose of profit in accordance with the deposit chosen by the investor.

"Site": an array of logically and mathematically related digital data, which are united by one Web address

"Registration form": a mandatory array of issues that the system provides The investor when registering his own personal account on the company's website.

2. Conditions for concluding a contract

By registering on the company's website, the investor is obliged to accept this contract in full to obtain access to a personal account and execution of investments.

Any violation of this paragraph when filling out the registration form will lead to a refusal to create Personal account and conclusion of this contract.

When investing, commission fees of payment systems and/Or (possibly) other additional expenses associated with this transaction, the investor agrees to perceive as his expenses.

The company guarantees the complete safety of the investment throughout the validity of the contract in accordance with the terms of the deposit chosen by the investor for investment or investment.

The company confirms that it will perform all the actions depending on it aimed at fulfilling this contract in full, provided that the circumstances of the insurmountable force that may become an obstacle to the company are not fulfilled.

3. The terms of the contract

This contract comes into force from the moment this contract is adopted by the investor.

The investor creates an investment to obtain a guaranteed volume of profit from this investment in accordance with the deposit chosen by the investor for a period and on the conditions specified in the investment conditions set forth in the description of each deposit on the company's website in the “investors” section.

The return of the investment upon the occurrence of the insured event is carried out in the following order:

The investor will be returned to the investor minus the investor received by the investor before the date of the insured event of interest charges, or at the time of the need to return the deposit due to the completion of this contract. In any case, the main and prevailing condition of the contract,– In the event that the total interest rates reached the value of the investment, the contract is considered The parties completed on both sides and investment is not subject to return in accordance with the contract.

The responsibility of the investor is included in voluntarily, independently and systematically create requests for the payment of funds, using the corresponding functions of a personal account for this.

The company, in turn, undertakes to fulfill the payment of funds in accordance with the conditions of this Contract.

All commission fees of payment systems and/Or (possibly) other additional expenses associated with these transactions (payment by the company to the investor), the company agrees to perceive as its expenses.

4. Confidentiality of the contract

The parties undertake to observe exceptional confidentiality in relation to the following issues:

Not to disclose to third parties possible additional conditions that can be achieved by the parties in the process of certain additional agreements;

Not disclosing to third parties the volume of the income profit;

Not disclosing to third parties of the investor payment data;

Compliance with the company's confidentiality policy.

5. Fors-Major circumstances and factors

In the case of force majeure and/or factors, the fulfillment of the terms of the contract may be suspended until the end of the termination and/or the impact of these force majeure circumstances and/or factors. Regardless of which of the parties was subjected to action and/or the influence of these force majeure circumstances and/or factors, suspension of the terms of the contract is the dominant cause.

The main factors of force majeure and/or factors are factors and circumstances set forth in a typical force majeure reservation of the International Chamber of Commerce, publication№ 421(E).

Additionally, the following factors and force majeure can be/Or circumstances:

DDoS-company site attacks;

DDoS-attacks of the website of the Internet provider of the company and associated units;

Unforeseen damage to the hosting servers, on which the company's website is located;

Hacker attacks on the company's website and the database of the company's website;

Hacker attacks on the website of the provider of Internet services of the company and the database of the provider site Internet services;

Unforeseen factors of influence on the work of the parties to the authorities and political circumstances.

6. Resolution of disputes

All disagreements and disputes arising from this contract are subject to settlement in accordance with The principles of international commercial and insurance contracts of Unidruis.

In the event that the decision achieved by this method does not suit one of the parties, the final decision is available by applying to the International Arbitration Court (IAC).

7. Applicable right

Any disagreements arising from this contract are subject to settlement in accordance with The principles of international commercial and insurance contracts of Unidruis.

8. Feedback. Notifications, notifications.

All notifications, notifications, requests, clarifications, questions, claims and other documents that are required to be handed in accordance with this contract are always drawn up exclusively in writing and can be sent to the e -mail indicated by the investor during registration Personal account and from the company in the contact section.

In order to complete and comprehensive execution of the terms of this contract, all notifications and notifications must be sent to the following addresses, the investor confirms that he agrees to accept the relevant notifications from the company.

In the case of objective circumstances that have forced to change contact information or make changes to this contract, this change will be published in the corresponding section of the site Company.

9. The integrity of the contract

This contract is the only and exhaustive presentation of the duties and rights of the parties on all issues related to the investment process set forth in this contract. This contract cancels all previous agreements, agreements, negotiations and proposals related to this contract.

The company can make changes to the contract, which will inform the side in the corresponding section of the site.

10. Responsibility and rejection of responsibility

The parties have the right at any time to refuse to comply with the terms of the contract, provided that the circumstances set forth in paragraph 5 of this contract. In addition, the company may refuse to fulfill its own obligations in cases where the investor violates this Contract.

11. The responsibility of the investor

Concluding this contract, the investor confirms that he uses his own funds and performs Investments at their own discretion and voluntarily.

The investor confirms that he knows that for non -compliance with this contract, as well as for:

Using technologyspam in the terms of contract;

Laundering of money under the contract;

The use of illegal technologies against the property of the company;

The use of information defaming the company's Renoma;

Ignoring the copyright of the company

The company's party has the right to terminate this contract ahead of schedule without fulfilling its own obligations to the side of the investor.

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