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about the project

Who are we? 
Today, in a crisis, as never before, we observe the importance of preserving and increasing our capital.

During the time of globalization, transcontinental business and epidemics, cryptocurrencies are perhaps the best way to invest their funds. We are inSpectroInvest For the past 7 years, they have studied the sphere of mining and trade in cryptocurrencies, so our team has developed and glad to present you a unique investment product that anyone can use!

During this time, in the role of investors, we managed to earn more than $ 10,000,000, but in 2022 we felt that the conditions for attracting additional capital came. Simultaneously with our own investments in trading in crypto-foreign and mining, we have created a whole ecosystem capable of accumulating funds, small amounts of individuals (investors) into entire pools for profitable speculative transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as well as renting equipment mining.

This ecosystem has been successfully operating since 2021 and fully justified itself, because our portfolio already has thousands of successful transactions. Each potential investor is obliged to ask: what is the chance that investment in your product will be lost? It is quite honest, and with confidence we answer that there is no investment without risk, but thanks to the competent selection of profit and risk ratio and, according to our experience and statistics, the option of getting losses is so unlikely, about the fact that a person may die from the bed in a dream.

We thought for a long time about how to develop this successful experience of investing in mining and cryptocurrency trading, and in the end we decided to create a public platform that unites the private capital of small investors and our investment opportunities.

Our logic is simple: if we, as a company, were able to achieve success, then why not try the model of open participation. So our new platform with a huge successful experience appeared - SpectroInvest

Start making money Enter in LC